Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Expendables Movie Cast

Thanks IMDb Let's learn about the different characters we're going to meet in The Expendable:

Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross a.k.a. The Schizo
Barney Ross is the de-facto leader of the Expendables, called the Schizo for his rambo-esque ability to go from nice guy to bloodthirsty at the drop of the hat. This is going to be his last mission before retirement.

Mickey Rourke as Tool, A former Expendable
Tool and Ross were former partners in crime, until Tool retired to become an arms dealer. He is the supplier for Ross for the upcoming mission, and has a small role. He does come into play at the end, and does have a some cool moments of badassery with Ross in a flashback.

Jason Statham as Lee Christmas, the second in command
Lee Christmas is an British-American Expendable who takes over Tool's spot as a the 2nd in command. He is one of the most dangerous Expendables as he has a big mouth and bigger guns.

Jet Li as Kong Bao, a former Chinese mercenary turned Expendable
Kong Bao is a martial arts expert. Is despised by Gunnar as he is the last recruited Expendable and isn't one of the "Tool-Ross" Era. Has the most hand-to-hand combat scenes in the movie.

Dolph Lundgren as Gunnar Jensen, a German Expendable
Gunnar is an Expendable with a nihilistic view of their "business". Turns on the Expendables in South America in exchange for 10 million dollars and a city to call his own.

Terry Crews as Hale Caesar, an Expendable
The most "philosophical" expendable with a serious ego problem. His character is written well and is Kong Bao's best friend in the group. Takes alot of damage from villains in the film, but is a strong my friend.

Steve Austin as Dan Paine, a Sadistic Former Marine turned Bodyguard
He's former black ops, and for the most part he's Monroe's protective detail.

Danny Trejo as Emanuel, a treacherous South American Contact
Pretty much a glorified cameo, Emanuel helps the Expendables with housing and information about Garza's security and miniature-army. Sells out Ross after Christmas's loudmouth insults Emanuel.

Giselle ItiƩ as Sandra
A woman who secretly works for a resistance against Garza, as her brother and parents were killed by Garza. Falls in love with Barney, who later asks him to not participate in the coup.

Randy Couture as Toll Road, an Expendable
Toll Road is the last Expendable of the Tool-Ross Era. Expert at demolition and responsible for half the explosions in the film.

Charisma Carpenter as Lacy, Lee Christmas's Fiancee
Lacy is in fact Lee's finacee. Threatens to leave him if he left to do the coup.

Eric Roberts as Monroe, a C.I.A. Agent bent on arresting the Expendables and preventing the coup of General Garza

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Bar Patron who encounters Barney Ross and almost come to blows.

David Zayas as General Garza, The Dictator
The Military Dictator, Alfredo Garza, although mostly the puppet master of the story. Kills Mr. Church's Friend to assure his strength over the political resistance.

Brittany Murphy as Tool's Girlfriend, a Singer
Incredibly flirtatious bar singer who is Tool's girlfriend. Alluded that she used to be a call girl.

Gary Daniels as The Brit, a former Expendable who now works for Garza.
He plays the Character of Wickham a.k.a. The Brit, who left to do more "dirty" work, including intimidation tactics for Garza.

Hector Almeida - A young south american political revolutionary, last surviving son of Mr. Church's former childhood friend, Juan Alemeida. Former friend of Sandra's and has a brief speech in the beginning of the film.

Mr. Church - a shady, gruff and scarred veteran whose childhood friend was Juan Alemeida. Made lots of money profiteering off War and had been funding Hector's campaign to overthrow Garza. Promised Juan that he'd take care of Hector, but when Hector is assassinated, he pays the Expendables millions of dollars to kill Garza.